fermentation-derived products

Fermentation is the process of using microorganisms to produce alternative proteins and products. Traditionally, fermentation has been used to produce yogurt, cheese, and alcoholic beverages. In recent years, the applications of fermentation have expanded to producing and enhancing the taste, texture, and nutrition content of plant-based and cultivated products.

Biomass fermentation uses microorganisms for producing large quantities of protein which serves as the main ingredient in end-products. Precision fermentation uses the microorganisms as "cell factories" for producing specific ingredients that improve plant-based or cultivated meat products. Other applications of fermentation technology include the production of pet food, animal feed, fats, oils, collagen, and cosmetics.

examples of fermentation-derived product companies

market trends

$587 million invested in 2020

$1 billion invested from 2013 to 2020

Growing Investments

  • Fermentation has become an integral part of the alternative protein industry, with 2020 being a record year for investments.

  • 28 new investment deals were closed in 2020, accounting for 27 percent of total deals since 2013.

Emerging Industry

  • The fermentation-derived alternative product industry is nascent, with over 80 percent of companies formed in the last 5 years.

  • Investor interest has accelerated rapidly in 2020 and is projected to continue growing in the coming years.

  • Several large food and life sciences companies, such as DSM, DuPont, and JBS are seeing the opportunity and have started developing fermentation-based alternative protein product lines.

  • Fermentation presents an opportunity to modernize protein production and has enormous implications for reducing costs and improving sustainability.

Source: Good Food Institute

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