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Connecting with Clients

Connecting with clients on a personal level is the core competency of our team. We focus on forming strong, collaborative relationships, and we excel at examining the minute details and scrutinizing the small print, all while seeing the big picture. Our ability to connect human insights with advanced technology helps our clients realize the potential possibilities. Together, we make possibilities a reality.

Why Vital Gains?

We understand how to make a deal.
We make both the buyer and seller feel confident and comfortable during the process.
We assist, with professionalism and accuracy, with every step of a transaction or project.
We aim for the best result possible.
We have 25 years of business finance and M&A experience.
We have 10 years of experience working directly in the plant-based/alt-protein/cultivated meat space.

Whether you need a stand-alone company valuation or you are ready to sell your business, Vital Gains has the experience, the tools, and the industry knowledge to help get your company to the next level.


Full Purchase Transaction

  • acquisition services

  • portfolio development strategy

  • company valuation

  • acquisition candidate report

  • target screening and identification

  • preliminary due diligence

  • synergy and value qualification

  • transaction close preparations

  • closing and execution of implementation plan

Other Services

  • full merger transactions

  • company business valuations

  • acquisition or merger candidate searches

  • bespoke projects

    We offer risk management and financial modeling with all of our services. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our clients and with all parties involved in a transaction or venture.

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with our clients and with all parties involved in a transaction or venture.

secure digital transactions


Vital Gains proudly uses the SecureDocs Virtual Data Room to confidently and securely conduct all of our projects and transactions. Clients can access and review data from their individually customized data room. Anyone (potential buyers, partners) who accesses the portal will be vetted and pre-approved, and they can only view the data in which they've been granted access.

Your Data

With our VDR, sellers and buyers will:

  • View the management of your merger or acquisition

  • Review financial data, forecasting, and modeling

  • Conduct due diligence

  • Review and execute important transaction documents

Our Security

  • Data rooms come with advanced security

  • Third-party validated apps and controls from SOC 2, Type 2 compliant SOC 2 and SSAE 16 audits

  • 256-bit encryption for all data in transit and at rest

  • Two-factor authentication

our client profile

Interested in working with us to sell your company
or to conduct a business valuation?
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Interested in working with us to purchase a business
or to start an acquisition candidate search?
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Vital Gains represents the seller, or the buyer, or parties interested in mergers or strategic partnerships.

Our Seller Clients work directly in or provide ancillary services to these sectors:

  • plant-based protein and plant-based products

  • cultivated (clean, cultured) meat and cultivated products

  • fermented-derived foods and products

  • cellular agriculture (cell ag)

  • foodservice industry suppliers and distributors

  • marketplace: biotech, food tech, cellular agriculture

Our Buyer Clients

  • have a keen interest in the selling company and have their best interest at heart

  • are seriously and actively looking to acquire or merge with another company

  • are able to prove financial wherewithal for a purchase

Strategic Partners

Sometimes a partnership does not have a "buyer" or a "seller." Vital Gains helps companies connect and strengthen their offerings through mergers or strategic partnerships.