Most of the transactions and projects Lena Ludwig managed are private, confidential transactions and are not listed on this site. However, several clients were more than happy to share their experience in working with her. Here are a few:

Jeffrey Stentz, President - Amfinity Capital, LLC

(Hendricks Holding Company)

This one is easy. Lena has the technical skills, the people skills, the business savvy, and the knowledge base to take your company to the next level and higher. You will work with her more than once.

[Six M&A deals, strategic partnerships, divestitures. PEO, transportation.]

Stewart Cane, President - Cane Braken Industries, Inc.

Smart and decisive, Lena is an adept leader. Her ability to retain small details of projects lent to quick solutions to issues that would normally take much longer to solve. I would recommend Lena to anyone who is looking for a hard worker that prizes intelligence and diligence as core values. When working with Lena you feel that you've hit the jackpot. We sold our business within 30 days.

[Acquisition. Green construction.]

Scotti Madison, VP Development - Aflac

Aflac was a pioneer with software development and website solutions for engaging our supplemental insurance clients online. Thankfully, we retained Lena's services to keep us on top of our game. She did what it takes to obtain the best strategic partners and always got the job done. Because we hired Lena, we were able to leverage our offering to allow acquisitions of emerging technologies.

[Acquisitions, venture capital, and strategic partnerships. Insurance, SaaS.]

Dennis O'Geary, President - Consolidated Service Delivery Platform (CSDP)
Lena is a gifted, insightful and focused individual who has an extraordinary sense of what is needed, has the ability to digest technical details and develop a useful, pertinent solution and has a positive approach to all efforts she takes on. She is one of the most capable professionals I have worked with, has an impenetrable sense of integrity, excellent communications skills and always does the right thing. Lena would be an excellent advisor, not only for her skills as a professional, but as an extraordinary person; spiritual, kind, loyal and a team player.
[Vertical growth, acquisitions, mergers, strategic partnerships, joint ventures. Green construction.]

Adam Bosovich, CEO - Wow Yow Inc.
Sheer excellence. Thank you for making Wow Yow possible.
[Strategic business planning AI.]

Rick An, KMW Communications, Inc.
I enjoyed working with Lena for several months in KMW communications Inc. company restructuring project. She was energetic and productive that could always be counted on to produce bullet-proof plans and imaginative solutions. Even though there were a lot of frequent changes, she always adjusted her schedule and made all things possible. Both professionally and personally, it was definitely my pleasure to work with Lena during this project. I highly recommend Lena. I’m sure any corporation that uses her will see a big plus.
[Company restructuring, exit strategies. Green c

Gerry McDonough - Leadfirst Learning Systems, LLC
Though this is the first project on which I've engaged Lena, I am completely satisfied -- even delighted -- with her work and accountability in all aspects of this project. I will certainly be working with Lena again in the future; she is a real professional.
[Benchmarking and M&A preparations. Education, SaaS.]

Scott Weaver, LB Aero, LLC
Lena was outstanding and did more than I asked of her. She truly understood my goal of getting my idea "off the napkin" and onto paper with my business strategy and growth goals. If we continue forward with more mergers, we will use Lena again.
[Company valuation, merger. Transportation.]

John Powell, Director, Revelation
Lena has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Revelation team. Lena shows a highly acute understanding of the SaaS industry, platforms and operations, and quickly adapts and incorporates new changes in technology - critical for cutting-edge developments. Her special business strategy skills have assisted us in major growth with successful joint ventures, new client base opportunities, and stronger foot holding in the software development arena.
[Eight strategic partnerships and joint ventures. Animal related businesses, SaaS.]

Diane Pettus, Diane Pettus, Inc.
I have worked with Lena for years on numerous projects, and I consider her to be a professional of exemplary talent and the highest of standards. She is astute, friendly, and understands business. She has never missed a deadline, and her work has always exceeded my expectations – as well as those of my client companies. Her background in finance and technology makes her especially capable. I give her my highest recommendation and would be happy to elaborate further on the advantages my client companies are experiencing because Lena is working with us.
[Multiple merger and acquisition transactions. PEO, insurance, green construction.]

Kevin Kenneth, CEO - DGW International
Lena is hard working, dedicated and exceptionally talented. An enthusiastic business analyst and astute project manager, Lena effortlessly works with an orbit of clients and colleagues while maintaining a professional approach and infinite control. Communication is excellent, her work is flawless, and her camaraderie is beyond compare.
[Projects: strategic partnerships with Nike, DuPont, Black & Decker, Ralph Lauren, and Aflac

Angelia White, CEO - Hope For Women Magazine
Lena Ludwig's expertise and knowledge helped turn my company around. Lena is simply AMAZING! I have been working with her for quite sometime now and I'm just absolutely thrilled to have connected with her. She is truly professional and if you desire to move your company forward I would highly recommend [her.]
[Strategic business planning, venture capital. Minority owned media.]

Carter Sol, President - Carmica
Carmica needed a business plan prior to securing a business loan and Lena stepped in and poised our company for acquisition! Our business plan single handedly convinced our loan officer that we were serious and for real. We ended up not needing a loan because the next day we had investors and within a month we had a request for acquisition. We never expected such miracles to happen.
[Financing, acquisition. Green transportation.]

Lawrence Beharry, Chief Operating Office - Inevex Solutions Inc.
Perceptive, astute, and motivated are just some of the sincere words I can use to describe what it is like to work with Lena. In helping us with our business planning she brought a great deal of skill, experience and professionalism to the table and our understanding of our business startup improved significantly as a result of her hard work, diligence and patience. I would highly recommended Lena for any startup business that needs help in focusing themselves and understanding their business and market needs.
[Financing, business planning, joint venture. SaaS/PaaS.]

Dawn Tiexiera, President - Total Quality Management
I have known Lena in a professional/personal capacity for over 25 years and have found her to be honest, reliable, dedicated, conscientious and extremely creative. Lena has been an exceptional mentor and has a knack for bringing out the best in the people that she meets. Lena helped us grow organically, obtain and maintain strategic partnerships, and position our business for a high valuation and acquisition. I recommend her at the highest level.
[Company valuation, strategic partnerships, joint ventures. Green construction.]

Laura Faust, President and Founder - Ciao Laura, LLC
provided our organization with immediate productivity and results, including a nomination and winning title as a top-ten web-based businesses in the Start-up Nation contest, hosted by Microsoft Office Live. Not only was she quick to respond to all of our requests, but she maintained a friendly and professional attitude from start-to-finish. Needless to say, Ciao Laura, LLC is pleased to recommend Lena for all implementation projects, as she possesses the utmost respect in quality of her work and she is a highly talented and skilled consultant.
[Strategic business planning, financing, joint venture. Vegan food business.]

W. Ferguson, President - Target Direct
I have worked on numerous projects with Lena over the years, from business plan creations for start-up companies to M&A activity with a transportation facility. No matter the project, Lena always poises herself with the upmost professionalism, gets the job done, and then presents the results as if she had a team of twenty working with her. Her skills are as amazing as her instinctive abilities. She is truly a natural when it comes to helping companies get the job done - and getting it done right.
[Multiple mergers and acquisitions. Transportation, logistics.]