Lena Ludwig, Principal

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Lena is Principal at Vital Gains and started the company to serve the plant-based and alt-protein space. Lena has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, finance, and strategic planning. She has assisted hundreds of businesses with transactions, joint ventures and other successful partnerships.

M&A Experience

  • Managing Principal at Oyster Park and lead M&A advisor. Managed over 100 projects resulting in successful strategic partnerships, including acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures. Sector: SaaS; software; green technology; plant-based businesses

  • M&A advisory and technical services at Silva Capital Solutions. Multiple acquisition transactions and strategic planning projects. Sectors: PEO (professional employer organization); OBS (outsourced business services)

  • M&A assistant at Wallingford Capital. 14 merger and acquisition transactions. Sectors: healthcare billing; PEO

  • Completed Business Valuation for M&A Specialized Knowledge - Certified M&A Advisors

Related Experience

  • Vegan Outreach: executive vice president

  • Mercy For Animals: vice president of administration; vice president of operations and finance

  • Advice-Cloud (UK): procurement specialist and technology framework expert; business lead. Dozens of successful supplier and vendor enrollments to G-Cloud (UK Government platform). The company has a 100% success rate.

  • Liberty Mutual: senior contract surety underwriter, financial analyst, and risk manager

Johns Hopkins University - Civil Engineering
North Carolina State University - Mechanical Engineering
Trained Six Sigma
Completed Certified M&A Advisors cours

Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors
Plant Based Foods Association