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The plant-based protein sector includes proteins derived from soy, wheat, pea, canola, potato, rice, corn, nut, and algae. Other plant-based products include vegetable, fruit and nut derived food concoctions, as well as plant-based materials to create clothing and other material based products. Examples include cactus or banana peel leathers, hemp linens, and coconut-based materials.

The global meat and dairy sectors and traditional animal
-derived materials sectors are currently going through an unprecedented level of disruption, driven by the continued growth of viable plant-based alternatives. Companies are creating new products and brands every day which appeals to the increasing consumer demand for plant-based products. Investors and large corporations are taking note. Existing food and beverage companies are strategically protecting and enhancing their positions in the market, through internal innovations and inorganic growth through the acquisition of these new disruptor brands and products.

examples of plant-based protein & product companies

market trends

$2 BILLION USD: plant-based meat, dairy and eggs - amount received in investments in 2020 (300% increase from 2019)

$7 BILLION USD: value of the US plant-based retail market in 2020

Traditional corporations in the meat and dairy space are following a progressive strategy to adopt plant-based products. This increases their market share and profitability significantly, and when traditional and conventional operations using factory farms start to dwindle, these corporations are already securely in the plant-based alternatives marketplace.

Financial investors see an obvious opportunity to diversify their portfolios with lower risk. The demand already exists for plant-based alternatives and there is already enough data to prove that this sector will continue to grow.

Companies looking to expand existing positions to achieve economies of scale or reach new geographies are merging and consolidating with similar businesses, or ones that complement their original product offering.

Start-up companies requiring financial investment in order to accelerate their growth potential are finding investors due to the popularity of the products offered and business strategies implemented.

Traditional fashions houses are dropping fur and leather and using vegan alternatives. Businesses producing plant-based materials, and their subsequent end-products, are soaring in popularity. Sustainability and ethical buying are becoming high priorities for consumers.

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