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Cultivated meat, also known as cultured meat or cell-based meat, is genuine animal meat that is produced by cultivating animal cells directly. This production method eliminates the need to raise and farm animals for food. Several compelling cultivated meat prototypes such as chicken, beef, shrimp, pork, and fish have been developed. Some companies are using similar technology to develop eggs, gelatin, milk and other dairy products, wool, leather, and pet food.

examples of cultivated meat & product companies

market trends

$366 million invested in 2020

$505 million invested from 2016 to 2020

Growing Investments

  • Investments in cultivated meat companies have grown swiftly in 2020, accounting for 14 percent of overall funding in the alternative protein industry.

  • 49 investment deals were closed in 2020, accounting for 39 percent of deals since 2016.

  • 2020 also saw the first Series B fundraising rounds for the cultivated meat industry.

Interest from traditional food companies

  • Traditional food companies are closely following emerging technologies like cultivated meat as they see the potential for improving their product offerings.

  • Food companies are interested in managing their brand reputation and reducing the risks associated with traditional meat production such as environmental pollution, zoonotic diseases, and welfare concerns.

  • Companies like Tyson, Cargill and PHW Group have all invested in plant-based and cultivated products.

Source: Good Food Institute

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