about Vital Gains

Vital Gains LLC is a woman-owned, women-operated business.

We have over 25 years of experience assisting green companies with strategic growth. For over 10 years we've specifically worked with companies and organizations who are promoting alternatives to animal-derived proteins and products.

Lena Ludwig, Principal

Lena is Principal at Vital Gains and started the company to serve the plant-based and alt-protein space. Lena has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, finance, and strategic planning. She has assisted hundreds of businesses with transactions, joint ventures and other successful partnerships. Lena has worked in the plant-based and alt-protein space for 10 years.

Completed Business Valuation for M&A Specialized Knowledge - Certified M&A Advisors

Read more about Lena's M&A experience.


Jeffrey Stentz, President - Amfinity Capital, LLC

(Hendricks Holding Company)

This one is easy. Lena has the technical skills, the people skills, the business savvy, and the knowledge base to take your company to the next level and higher. You will work with her more than once.

[Six M&A deals, strategic partnerships, divestitures. PEO, transportation.]

Stewart Cane, President - Cane Braken Industries, Inc.

Smart and decisive, Lena is an adept leader. Her ability to retain small details of projects lent to quick solutions to issues that would normally take much longer to solve. I would recommend Lena to anyone who is looking for a hard worker that prizes intelligence and diligence as core values. When working with Lena you feel that you've hit the jackpot. We sold our business within 30 days.

[Acquisition. Green construction.]

Scotti Madison, VP Development - Aflac

Aflac was a pioneer with software development and website solutions for engaging our supplemental insurance clients online. Thankfully, we retained Lena's services to keep us on top of our game. She did what it takes to obtain the best strategic partners and always got the job done. Because we hired Lena, we were able to leverage our offering to allow acquisitions of emerging technologies.

[Acquisitions, venture capital, and strategic partnerships. Insurance, SaaS.]

W. Ferguson, President - Target Direct
I have worked on numerous projects with Lena over the years, from business plan creations for start-up companies to M&A activity with a transportation facility. No matter the project, Lena always poises herself with the upmost professionalism, gets the job done, and then presents the results as if she had a team of twenty working with her. Her skills are as amazing as her instinctive abilities. She is truly a natural when it comes to helping companies get the job done - and getting it done right.
[Multiple mergers and acquisitions. Transportation, logistics.]

Dennis O'Geary, President - Consolidated Service Delivery Platform (CSDP)
Lena is a gifted, insightful and focused individual who has an extraordinary sense of what is needed, has the ability to digest technical details and develop a useful, pertinent solution and has a positive approach to all efforts she takes on. She is one of the most capable professionals I have worked with, has an impenetrable sense of integrity, excellent communications skills and always does the right thing. Lena would be an excellent advisor, not only for her skills as a professional, but as an extraordinary person; spiritual, kind, loyal and a team player.
[Vertical growth, acquisitions, mergers, strategic partnerships, joint ventures. Green construction.]